[外文編譯] Live Nation 允許藝人要求美國演出進場觀眾應完成疫苗接種或檢驗陰性證明

原文標題:Live Nation Allows Artists to Require Vaccination or Proof of Negative Test Result for U.S. Concerts
Live Nation 利用自身的市場優勢,並且多少基於社會責任決定透過一些舉措讓疫苗的施打可以更為普及。無論有無商業上的考量,都是了不起的決定。對付病毒的責任,不是全都僅靠政府,更是這個社會每一個組成的團體與個人不可或缺的任務呀!


外文編譯 J的觀點 LiveNation 疫苗接種 Live
現場演出在睽違多年後逐步恢復運營,然而 COVID-19 的多種變體病毒卻依然在全球傳播中,Live Nation 也因此發佈了一份「最佳實施方案」給眾多藝人們在舉辦現場演出時作為參考。
依照 Varity 取得的這份指引方案所述,建議舉辦活動的藝人主辦方要求所有入場觀眾應提供疫苗接種證明或是 COVID-19 病毒的檢驗陰性證明。同時自今年10月4日開始,所有在美國的工作同仁均必須完成疫苗注射方得以被允許進入活動現場、場館以及辦公室。(除了少數法律規定的例外者可以免除外)這份指引文件是由 Live Nation 的 CEO - Michael Rapino 簽署生效付諸執行。
此外,針對 COVID-19 的預防控制措施在美國不同州均有所差異,因此實際運用在不同現場活動也因應的有所調整。但因為各種變種病毒持續對全球各地的現場活動造成影響與困擾,身為全球最大規模的現場演出公司 Live Nation 自然也更積極的尋找應對與調整策略來應付各種情況。
以下為 Live Nation 所發佈的全文:
各位 -
我們正在努力確保透過最好的方式為員工、藝人、工作人員、粉絲和整個社區做好重新開放之準備。我們的團隊共同製定了新的相關流程,這將讓美國透過 Live Nation 舉辦的相關表演的藝人主辦方均得以要求所有進場觀眾和工作人員們在法律允許的前提下應全面接種疫苗或提供針對 COVID-19 病毒的陰性檢驗結果報告。這已經在之前舉辦過的活動如:Lollapalooza...等演出已經付諸實行過並且得到很好的成果,因此我們相信這是一個當前最佳的執行方案。我們深知粉絲們都渴望得以重返現場演出,故我們也期待透過這些措施來鼓勵更多群眾接種疫苗。接種疫苗所有人都可以做的最簡單的來照顧並保護周圍的親人朋友們,我們也鼓勵越多現場演出共同採用這種方案。
All –
It has been great to see events make such a strong return across the U.S., with demand for concerts and festivals continuing to outpace our expectations.
We are working to ensure we are reopening in the best way possible for staff, artists, crew, fans, and communities at large. Our teams have worked together to put new processes in place so that artists doing shows with Live Nation in the U.S. can require all attendees and staff to be fully vaccinated or show a negative test result for entry, where permitted by law. We believe this is a great model, and we have already implemented this successfully at many major shows including Lollapalooza. We know people are eager to return to live events and we hope these measures encourage even more people to get vaccinated. That is the number one thing anyone can do to take care of those around them and we are encouraging as many shows as possible to adopt this model.
In support of this model and to continue leading by example, we will be requiring that all employees in the U.S. be vaccinated to enter one of our events, venues or offices – with limited exceptions as may be required by law. This requirement will go into effect October 4, when our offices are set to reopen their doors for flex work, and to allow on-site staff a few weeks to get vaccinated if they haven’t already. HR will share more details on this soon. As a reminder we are providing an extra paid day off for every dose so you can schedule appointments easily. We’ve seen great vaccination enthusiasm among our staff so far, and we want to ensure we’re taking every step possible to keep you all safe.
Our business and our industry is about uniting people and vaccines are one of the greatest tools for making sure that everyone can continue to enjoy live music together. We’ve gone through a lot this past year and it’s remarkable to see how far we’ve come. If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to reach out to your HR partner. And thank you for continuing to play a role in our continued success.
– Michael
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